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Game Keys


  • ARROW/NUMPAD Move or Attack
  • SPACE Grab or Climb stair or Wait
  • [C] Cast Spell
  • [F] Fire a projectile
  • [G] Grab an item on the ground
  • [I] Inventory
  • [S] Use Stair
  • [W] Wait or Open Third Eye

    Special actions

  • [R] Run
  • [A] Charge
  • [J] Jump
  • Activations

  • [D] Open or Close door
  • [X] Disarm trap


  • [H] Show Help
  • [L] Look Monster
  • [P] Profile

The Temple

The temple have 10 floors.

On the 10th floor Kali is waiting for you. Defeat her to finish the game and unlock the next difficulty level.

Once you reach a new floor :

The Aging Curse

At the moment, Kali is pretty angry at humanity. She ruined the crops of the nearby peasants, burned down villages and inflict a terrible aging curse on anyone who dare to enter her temple.

The aging curse cause you to age 16 days in only one turn. If you can reach Kali, you'll surely be an old man.


On each new floor you'll increase your hunger level from full stomach to nothing to hungry to starving.

When starving, you'll loose 2hp every 4 turns so you should take care to always have food with you.

When you eat food you decrease your suppress any hunger state. If you were already feeling ok you will gain the full stomach state instead.

full Stomach state forbid you to eat anymore ration until the next floor.

Eating food generally refill your health for a small ammount. The healing effect is ignored if you were starving.

If you can't find anything to eat you can try the temple mushrooms. They will reduce your hunger level but most of them are poisonous and you can't recognize them without mushroom lore.


The temple contain monsters, because Kali dont want to be disturbed by any local peon. The deeper you will climb down in the dungeon the more powerful monster you will encounter.Most of them are insects, green skins, beasts and undead but you can also find plants, bloboids or flying creatures.

Learn all of them and which are their advantages and weakness. Some are strong and slow, other fast and (wimpy). Some of them can use magics or ranged weapons.

Monster have also specific capacity detection. Some of them can hear every sounds, but are almost blind and on the opposite, some others can see you coming from afar, while you can't even see them.

Without specific skills, killing monsters will leave you with no reward. No gold, no experience. Nothing.

So you'll probably live longer if you avoid fights everytime you can. If you can't refrain from hurting poor innocent goblins, there's a Hall of fame for your blood bath glories.

Locked Doors and Secret Door

Some doors are locked and can be open only with a key. Just walk in the door direction and the key will be consumed.

You can also open locked doots with a fast and very large shoulder. You can execute this move by using the charge in the direction of the locked door.

If you have a key you can also lock a standard door. It will prevent monster from running after you. To unlock the door again you'll have to spend another key which is somehow absurd, but fit gamebalance purpose pretty well.

There's also secret doors that looks like wall. Every time you walk on a nearby square you can uncover them if you succeed on a Detect Door test.

You don't have to open locked or secret door to reach the exit, but you can make your way shorter, or gain access to valuable treasure by opening them.

Items and Chest

Some random items are left in the temple. Some of them could be very handy for you depending on your characer profile. Items hunting is one reason for not rushing to exit too fast because you will need powerfull items to fight Kali.

Each floor have 2 chests

In addition, each floor contain at least one of the following : Food, Book or Wand

You can also find the valuable Kali's gem. The number of gem on each floor is equal to the floor number - 1. In you early game, before you reach 5/10 gems, this number is increased by 2/1.


When you create a new character, you can spend 12 destiny points among the different skills. There's also flaw with negative values, You can select only one of them to gain extra points. Extra skills can be unlock from the Kali's Altar. You need to find red gems in the temple to offer them to Kali.


primary traits

Theres's 6 primary trait : Strength, Dexterity, Speed, Stamina, Perception and Intelligence. When you reach a new floor, you can add one point to any of this trait.

Strength :

Increase this to inflict more damage. Some weapon require a minimum ammount of strength to be equiped. strength is also necessary to carry more thing, resist magic or charge monsters. The spellpower of your spell also depend of your strength so dont expect powerfull spell with a wimpy character.

Dexterity :

The dexterity determine how you can hit, avoid to be hit or able to disarm traps. Dexterity is also necessary in thief traits like Stealth, Assassination or Jump.

Speed :

Determine the number of move you can make each turn. A fast character will more likely charge, dodge or chain fast hits and spells.

Stamina :

Stamina determine you life points total. You need a strong stamina score to carry more items, run more longer, recall spells or open your third eye.

Perception :

Perception determine your sight range and your hability to hit enemies with projectile It's a versatile trait helping fighters critics and doge but also mage's spellpower and thief's stealth and detection. Good perception is also necessary to open your third eye.

Intelligence :

Intelligence determine the range of spell you can use. It's mainly used for mage traits, but also determine your assassinate and detection capacity.

Secondary Traits

Each of them come from the minimum of two primary traits.

Fast Hit

Speed & Dexterity

Chance that you get an extra move after an attack.


Speed & Perception

Determine your capacity to avoid traps and slaps.


Dexterity & Perception

Diminish the sight and hear zone of each monsters.


Strength & Stamina

Determine The number of item slots.


Intelligence & Stamina

Give you more memory points on each floor. Memory points are used to recall used spells or read books.


Intelligence & Strength

Make your spell more efficient.


Intelligence & Perception

Your hability to detect doors and secrets.


Stamina & Speed

Your can use your breath to run. Breath replenish for 1 point each time you use tha Wait action.


Stength & Dexterity

Chance to parry a hit if you wield a parry weapon. If you do, weapon take full damages.


Stength & Perception)

Chance to inflict double damage with hits or spells.


Intelligence & Speed

Chance that you get an extra move after casting a spell.


Stamina & Dexterity

Maximum jump actions you can use on each floor.


Stength & Speed

Maximum charge actions you can use on each floor.


Intelligence & Dexterity

Diminish the noise of hits, and increase back hit damages.

Third Eye

Stamina & Perception

On wait action, increase the hitchance, crit and spellpower of your next action.

Others Traits

Those traits come from primary or secondary traits.


from Intelligence

Determine the range of you spells. A wisdom of 5 will give you the 5 first level of every magic skill you possess..


from Dexterity

Determine your hability to hit a monster with a melee weapon see Fight section for more details

Range Attack

from Perception

Determine your hability to hit a monster with a range weapon see Fight section for more details

Range Attack

from Dexteriry + Perception

Determine your hability to hit a monster with a thrown weapon see Fight section for more details


from Dexterity

Determine your hability to avoid to be hit by melee weapon see Fight section for more details


from Speed

Determine the number of move you can make each turn. Your last move auto-end your turn.

Detect Trap

from Detection

Determine your chance to detect nearby traps on each moves.

Detect Door

from Detection

Determine your chance to detect nearby secret doors on each moves.

Resist Magic

from Intelligence

Reduce damage from magic source.

Resist Poison

from Stamina

Increase your chance to cancel poison effect when you receive it.


On your way through the temple, or on your character skill selection, you can acquire differents lores. They give you more information on items you find or monster you fight.

For example Potion lore will reveal the potion effect so you dont have to blindly drink anything you find and die from a terrible accident.

Potion and mushroom skins are randomly shuffled on the start of each game. So even if you dont have the mushroom lore you can learn the smelly mushroom effect by... well, eating the smelly mushroom. This information will be valid for all your game duration.

Monster lores will help you to track, avoid or kill the monster category they concern. If you have the Insect Lore, you will detect all insect in a long range and will benefit of +50% hitChance, +50% Stealth and +50% damages vs all insects.

Special Actions


By pressing the letter "R" you will transfer one breath point to your move counter. It's usefull to run away from a powerful monster, or to reach a monster to hit first.

You can refill your breath counter by using the action wait. The maximum breath points are determined by the minimum between your Stamina and Speed traits.


By pressing the letter "J" you can jump to a square in a close range. It doesn't end your turn and ignore any obstacle on your way.

It can be used as an escape mechanic, or an offensive move to attack those annoying long range monsters. It's also a way to visit new area that you see but can't reach.

Jumps are automatically refilled when you reach a new floor. The maximum jump points are determined by the minimum between your Stamina and Dexterity traits.


By pressing the letter "C" and selecting a direction, you can charge monsters or doors. When you charge you run until your reach something solid or a trap. Every monsters on your way are pushed and take damages equals to the charge distance.

Charge are automatically refilled when you reach a new floor. The maximum charge points are determined by the minimum between your Strength and Speed traits.

Third Eye

When you use the command Wait by pressing "W", you can open your Third Eye. It will only work if your Third Eye trait is above 0%

When you third Eye is open your atk, critics and spellpower will benefit from the third eye % bonus. If you move attack or launch a spell, the eye will close after the action.

Your Third Eye % is determined by the minimum between your Stamina and Perception traits x 25%.


Here are the different assault's steps :

Check Hit

Melee hitChance --> (ATK + 2) x 100% / (DEF + 3)

Range hitChance --> (RANGE_ATK + 2) x 100% / (SPD + 3)


The defender will have a chance to dodge depending of his dodge trait %

A successful dodge end the attack and will send him on a nearby square and spend one move for his next turn.


If defender posess a parry weapon or shield, he have a chance to parry depending of his parade trait %

A successful parry end the attack and the parry tool will take full damages.

Special hits


Special resistance or weakness to damage types diminish or increase damages.

The damages are diminished by armors scores. All concerned items take the damage they protected.

The remaining damages if any, are applyed to defender life total.


Spells Availability

The skills chosen by the player determine which spell family he can handle. The Basic Magic family is available to eveyrone. The Wisdom trait determine the maximum level of the spells. Once the game is started you can't learn new skills, so the main way to gain spells is increasing your intelligence and gain more wisdom.

Casting limit

On each Floor, each spell can be cast only once.

If a spell is unactive you can still recall it by spending memory points. The recal cost of each spell is equal to 50% of this spell level.


Scroll can be found in the temple. If you use them they will cast the spell that is written on it.You need no magic traits or skills to use them.

Their effects is unknown before cast unless you possess the scroll lore or you have access to the spell category of magic.


Each Wand are charged with one spell. For casting this spell you need to equip the wand and use it. Each cast spend a charge. At 0 charge the wand can't be used, but it will be refilled on each floor.

Their effects is unknown before cast unless you have access to the spell category of magic.

Spell Books

You can learn new spells with them. There's no Wisdom requirement but you'll have to pay a memory cost equal to the spell level + 1. Reading book also take a lot of turns, so you should avoid to study new spells in the middle of a fight.