<<silently>>\n<<set $a=$wslot>>\n<<set $b=1>>\n<<display moveItem>>\n\n<<set $score=0>>\n<<if $cabbage eq 1>> <<set $score=$score+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $goat eq 1>> <<set $score=$score+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $wolf eq 1>> <<set $score=$score+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $hunter eq 1>> <<set $score=$score+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $gun eq 1>> <<set $score=$score+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $wash eq 1>> <<set $score=$score+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $monkey eq 1>> <<set $score=$score+1>><<endif>>\n\n\n<<endsilently>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $left=0>>\n<<if $cabbage eq 0>> <<set $left=$left+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $goat eq 0>> <<set $left=$left+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $wolf eq 0>> <<set $left=$left+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $hunter eq 0>> <<set $left=$left+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $gun eq 0>> <<set $left=$left+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $wash eq 0>> <<set $left=$left+1>><<endif>>\n<<if $monkey eq 0>> <<set $left=$left+1>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>
<<if $boat eq "empty">>[[put it into the boat|put in boat]]<<endif>>\n<<if ($sel eq "cabbage" or $sel eq "gun" ) and $wslot eq "empty" and $wash eq $pos >>[[put it into the washing machine|put in wash]]<<endif>>\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $a=$wslot>>\n<<set $b=2>>\n<<set $wslot="empty">>\n<<display moveItem>>\n<<endsilently>>
<html><img src="title.png"></html>\n<<silently>>\n<<set $scoreMax=7>>\n\n<<set $time=0>>\n<<set $pos=0>>\n<<set $boat="empty">>\n<<set $wslot="empty">>\n<<set $s=0>>\n\n<<set $wolf=$s>>\n<<set $goat=$s>>\n<<set $cabbage=$s>>\n<<set $hunter=$s>>\n<<set $gun=$s>>\n<<set $wash=$s>>\n<<set $monkey=$s>>\n\n<<set $crossPassage=true>>\n\n<<endsilently>>\n@@color:#666;You must make the wolf, the goat, the cabbage, the hunter, the gun, the monkey and the washing machine pass from the left to the right side.\nOf course your boat can take only one of them at the same time.@@\nThere's a [[river|riverside]] in front of you.\n\n
<<if $crossPassage>><<set $crossPassage=false>><html><img src="cross.png"></html>\n\nThe stream is strong but you are in pretty good shape and <<if $boat eq "empty">> arrive <<else>>take the <<print $boat>><<endif>> in no time to the other side.\n[[continue|resolve]]<<else>><<display resolve>><<endif>>\n
<<if $boat eq "empty">>There's an empty boat.<<else>>There's a boat with a <<print $boat>> inside.\n[[empty the boat|put out]]\n<<endif>>\n[[cross the river|cross river]]
<<if $goat eq $pos>>#[[a goat|goat]]<<endif>>\s\n<<if $wolf eq $pos>>#[[a wolf|wolf]]<<endif>>\s\n<<if $cabbage eq $pos>>#[[a cabbage|cabbage]]<<endif>>\s\n<<if $hunter eq $pos>>#[[a hunter|hunter]]<<endif>>\s\n<<if $gun eq $pos>>#[[a gun|gun]]<<endif>>\s\n<<if $monkey eq $pos>>#[[a monkey|monkey]]<<endif>>\s\n<<if $wash eq $pos>>#[[a washing machine|washing machine]]<<endif>>\s\n
<<silently>>\n<<if $a eq "cabbage">><<set $cabbage=$b>><<endif>>\n<<if $a eq "goat">><<set $goat=$b>><<endif>>\n<<if $a eq "wolf">><<set $wolf=$b>><<endif>>\n<<if $a eq "hunter">><<set $hunter=$b>><<endif>>\n<<if $a eq "gun">><<set $gun=$b>><<endif>>\n<<if $a eq "wash">><<set $wash=$b>><<endif>>\n<<if $a eq "monkey">><<set $monkey=$b>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>\n
<<display "compute score">>\s\n<<if $score eq $scoreMax>>\nYou helped all your friends to pass the river. You really are a kind-hearted person. Everyone wants to thank you warmly especially the cabbage.\n<<else>>\s\nYou are now walking peacefully on a countryside road thinking about the amazing adventure you just had.\n<<if $cabbage eq 2>>It's really sad you could not keep that cabbage until the end. It was really looking delicious. <<endif>>\s\n<<if $goat eq 2>>You will miss the goat. It was a faithful goat, the kind you can't find anywhere. \s<<endif>>\n<<if $goat eq 2>>You made a little grave for the wolf. He was not such a bad guy. He didn't deserved that. \s<<endif>>\n<<if $gun eq 2>>Amazing to think this goat was actually able to eat a whole rifle. <<if $goat eq 2>>Maybe we could get back that gun... <<endif>><<endif>>\s\n<<if $monkey eq 2>>The monkey was annoying... Of course you didn't really want that wolf to kill him, but that's just something you deserve when you keep on messing with household appliance you dont even own. <<endif>><<endif>>\n\n\n\n----\nYour final score is <<print $score>>/<<print $scoreMax>><<if $scoreMax eq $score>> @@color:#FF0; Perfect !@@\nYou made it in @@color:#8F0;<<print $time>>@@ moves...<<endif>>\n----\nIf you liked this game you may like my other puzzles : <html><a href="http://benjaminsoule.fr" target="_blank">benjaminsoule.fr</html>
<<set $sel="monkey">><<if $cabbage eq $pos>>The monkey is playing with the cabbage.<<else>><<if $wash eq $pos>>The monkey seems intrigued by the washing machine. It's walking around and above it, trying to play with buttons.<<else>><<if $wolf eq $pos>>The monkey is running around trying to stay as far as possible from the wolf.<<else>>The monkey is taking a nap somewhere in the tall grass.<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n\n@@color:#FC0;<<display "wolf eat monkey">>\n<<display "monkey wash">>\n<<display "monkey throw cabbage">>@@\n\n<<display actions>>\n<<display back>>\n
<<set $sel="wash">>It's huge and like every traveling washing machine, it's leaking a lot.\n<<if $wslot neq "empty">>There's a <<print $wslot>> in the washing machine<<else>>It's empty.<<endif>>\n\n@@color:#FC0;<<display "monkey wash">>\n<<display "wolf eat monkey">>\n<<display "hunter help">>@@\n\n<<if $wslot neq "empty">>[[empty the washing machine|empty wash]]<<endif>>\n<<display actions>>\n<<display back>>\n
You put the <<print $boat>> out of the boat.\n<<display "empty boat">>\n<<display riverside>>\n\n\n
<<if $sel eq "wash" and $hunter neq $pos>>You need the help of the hunter to carry the washing machine.\n[[back|riverside]]<<else>><<if $sel eq "wash" and $gun eq $pos>>The hunter can't help you to carry the washing machine because because he's already holding the gun.\n[[back|riverside]]<<else>><<if $sel eq "hunter" and $hunter neq $gun>>The hunter won't move if he can't see his gun.\n[[back|riverside]]<<else>><<if $sel eq "wash" and $wslot neq "empty">>The washing machine is too heavy right now. You should empty it first...\n[[back|riverside]]\n<<else>><<silently>>\n<<set $boat=$sel>>\n<<set $a=$sel>>\n<<set $b=3>>\n<<display moveItem>>\n<<endsilently>><<display "riverside">>\s<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>\n\n\n\n\n\n
String.prototype.unDash = function()\n{\n var s = this.split("-");\n if(s.length > 1)\n for(var t=1; t < s.length; t++)\n s[t] = s[t].substr(0,1).toUpperCase() + s[t].substr(1);\n return s.join("");\n};
- The ''monkey'' will throw the ''cabbage'' at the ''wolf'' if they're on opposite sides. (it will destroy it)
- The ''monkey'' will turn on the ''washing machine'' and destroy its contents if he's not playing with the ''cabbage''.
The River
<<display "compute left">>\s\n<<if $pos eq 0>><html><img src="left.png"></html>\n\nYou are on the left side of the river.<<else>><html><img src="right.png"></html>\nYou are on the right side of the river.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $left eq 0 && $pos eq 1>>There' nobody left on the other side, you did a good job and can continue on you way [[home|end]]<<else>><<display "boat">>\n\nFrom here you can see :\n<<display content>>\n<<endif>>\n\n\n\n
<<set $sel="goat">> The goat is small, white and stinky.\n<<if $goat eq $wolf>>It looks a bit nervous.<<else>>it's currently browsing one of the hunter shoe <<if $goat eq $cabbage>>trying hard not to stare at the cabbage<<else>>without noticing your presence.<<endif>><<endif>>\n\n@@color:#FC0;<<display "goat eat cabbage">>\n<<display "goat eat gun">>\n<<display "wolf eat goat">>@@\n\n<<display actions>>\n<<display back>>\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $wslot=$sel>>\n<<set $a=$sel>>\n<<set $b=4>>\n<<display moveItem>>\n<<endsilently>>\n<<display "riverside">>
- You need help from an empty-handed ''hunter'' to put the ''washing machine'' into the boat.\n__but for some gamebalance reasons, dont need help to put it out.__
A story about crossing rivers and taking care of the ones you love.
<<set $sel="hunter">><<if $hunter eq $gun >>The hunter is holding his precious gun. He feels safe with it.<<else>>Without his gun the hunter seems very deppresed. He sat in hte grass and won't move anymore.<<endif>>\n\n@@color:#FC0;<<display "hunter kill wolf">>\n<<display "hunter need gun">>\n<<display "goat eat gun">>\n<<display "hunter help">>@@\n\n<<display actions>>\n<<display back>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $ok=true>>\n<<if $sel eq "wash" and ( $hunter neq $pos or $gun eq $pos ) >><<set $ok=false>><<endif>>\n<<if $sel eq "hunter" and $gun neq $pos >><<set $ok=false>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>
The wolf, the goat, the cabbage, the hunter, the gun, the monkey and the washing machine
<<set $sel="cabbage">>The cabbage looks pretty good. It still has some dew on it.\n\n@@color:#FC0;<<display "monkey wash">>\n<<display "goat eat cabbage">>\n<<display "monkey throw cabbage">>@@\n\n<<display actions>>\n<<display back>>
- You need the ''gun'' to convince the ''hunter'' to come into the boat.
- The ''goat'' will eat the ''cabbage''.
(function(){\nvar bs = String.fromCharCode(92);\nWikifier.formatters.unshift({\n name: "continuedLine",\n match: bs+bs+"s",\n handler: function(a) {\n a.nextMatch = a.matchStart+3;\n }\n});\n}());
<<silently>>\n<<if $boat neq "empty">>\n<<set $a = $boat>>\n<<set $b = $pos>>\n<<set $boat="empty">>\n<<display moveItem>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>
<<set $time=$time+1>><<set $pos=1-$pos>>\s\n<<set $disp=false>>\s\n@@color:#F00;<<if $monkey neq 2 and $monkey eq $cabbage and $monkey eq 1-$wolf>><<set $disp=true>>The monkey throw the cabbage at the wolf from the other side...Splash !\n<<set $cabbage=2>><<endif>>\s\n<<if $goat neq 2 and $goat eq $cabbage>><<set $disp=true>>The goat ate the cabbage!\n<<set $cabbage=2>><<endif>>\s\n<<if $goat neq 2 and $goat eq $gun and $hunter neq $goat >><<set $disp=true>>The goat ate the gun!<<set $gun=2>><<endif>>\s\n<<if $monkey neq 2 and $monkey eq $wash and $monkey neq $cabbage and $wslot neq "empty">><<set $disp=true>>The monkey turned on the washing machine and ruined the <<print $wslot>>! <<display "kill wash content">><<endif>><<endif>>\s\n<<if $monkey neq 2 and $wolf eq $monkey and $monkey neq $wash>><<set $disp=true>>The wolf ate the monkey! <<set $monkey=2>><<endif>>\s\n<<if $goat neq 2 and $goat eq $wolf>><<set $disp=true>>The wolf ate the goat! <<set $goat=2>><<endif>>\s\n<<if $hunter neq 2 and $hunter eq $wolf and $hunter eq $gun >><<set $disp=true>>The hunter shot the wolf!<<set $wolf=2>><<endif>>@@<<display "empty boat">>\s\n<<if $disp>>#[[continue|riverside]]\n@@color:#666;If you're looking for a perfect score, you can use your browser back button instead of starting a new game.@@<<else>><<display "riverside">><<endif>>\s\n\n\n\n\n
- The ''goat'' will eat the ''gun'' if the ''hunter'' is not there.
- The ''hunter'' will kill the ''wolf'' with the help of his ''gun''
<<set $sel="gun">><<if $gun eq $hunter>>The gun is currently in the hand of the hunter. He is ok to lend it to you but feel a bit nervous about it.<<else>>The gun is lying on the ground.<<endif>>\n\n@@color:#FC0;<<display "goat eat gun">>\n<<display "hunter kill wolf">>\n<<display "hunter need gun">>@@\n\n<<display actions>>\n<<display back>>
- The ''wolf'' eat ''monkey'' if he can't hide behind the ''washing machine''\n\n-If the ''monkey'' can't hide behind the ''washing machine'', it will get eaten by the ''wolf''
<<set $sel="wolf">>The wolf is walking around the border <<if $wolf eq $goat>>staring at the poor goat, drooling all over the place<<else>>giving anxious looks to the river.<<endif>>\nIt bares its teeth at anyone approaching.\n\n@@color:#FC0;<<display "wolf eat goat">>\n<<display "wolf eat monkey">>\n<<display "hunter kill wolf">>\n<<display "monkey throw cabbage">>@@\n\n<<display actions>>\n<<display back>>\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $a=$wslot>>\n<<set $b=$pos>>\n<<set $wslot="empty">>\n<<display moveItem>>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou put the <<print $a>> out of the washing machine.\n[[continue|riverside]]
<html><a href="https://twitter.com/benjamin_soule_" target="_blank">Benjamin Soulé</a></html>
- The ''wolf'' will eat the ''goat''.