Drag King

insipired by colapsydo's game : Drimonna

Deploy troops

Move your king with the arrows to the wanted spot and press space. Then move again to select an area and press space again.

Each standard unit you create cost 2 coins


If you create units above enemies it will create battles.

Once the battle have two swords it will consume, each turn, one nearby unit of each team.

If a team fail to feed the battle, the other team score all the swords.

The first team to reach 30 swords win the game.


When you deploy units on your own unit it will create a farmer.

Farmers cost 3 coins to deploy but produce one extra gold each turn.


Each turn you can make one move for each castle you possess. You loose the game if you have no castles

To build a castle just deploy on a village, this is only possible if no enemies are around it

Castles produce two extra gold each turn.

Tips : Conquer a neutral castle cost a lot of money, but invade an opponent castle is free if you can get rid of the defenders.