Hello, I'm Benjamin a french itinerant game designer.

By itinerant I mean that I'm still looking for the holy graal of gamedesign.

This website is about my glorious quest to reach that goal, and all the failures I will encounter until then.

Snowball Juggling Olympio

genre : juggling, reflex

insipired by : juggling?

jam : ludum dare 48h


genre : puzzle, strategy, boardgame

insipired by : agricola

jam : ludum dare 48h

Void Run

genre : snake, arena, reversed metroidvania

insipired by : Gomola

jam : lowrez jam

A Glorious Escape for a Lich King

genre : tower defense

insipired by : Dungeon Keeper

jam : ludum dare 48h

Flocky Birds

genre : flappy-like

insipired by : Flappy Bird

jam : flappy jam


genre : digger, aventure, procedural

insipired by : Boulder Dash

jam : candy jam

A Precious Arrow

genre : platform, puzzle, ludum dare

insipired by : Shadow of the beast,Treasure Island Dizzy

jam : ludum dare 48h

Rushberry Mercs

genre : lander, multiplayer, dig

insipired by : Lunar Lander

jam : retronofuture

The River

genre : puzzle, math, twine

insipired by : classic wolf, goat, cabbage puzzle

Four Scepters

genre : roguelike, puzzle, math, ludum dare

insipired by : strange masks, tower of the sorcerer

jam : ludum dare 48h

Kali's Ladder

genre : roguelike, 7DRL, coffeebreak

insipired by : lost labyrinth, DoomRL, Desktop Dungeon

jam : 7DRL

Basic Extinct

genre : puzzle, math, ludum dare

insipired by : top hero

jam : ludum dare 48h

Beetlefield : The Forecast

genre : bet'n'watch, rts, ludum dare

insipired by : none

jam : ludum dare 48h

Super Strict Farmer

genre : boardgame, duel, ludum dare

insipired by : agricola

jam : ludum dare 48h

Final Trip Soccer

genre : beat'm'all, ludum dare

insipired by : soccer kid

jam : ludum dare 48h

Rainbow Jail

genre : puzzle, ludum dare

insipired by : seven colors

jam : ludum dare 48h

Land of Fodnal

genre : minesweeper, ludum dare

insipired by : Electric zombies

jam : ludum dare 48h